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my friends all think i'm gone, but i swear i'm not [entries|friends|calendar]

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L O C K E D -- FRIENDS ONLY BITCHES [08 Apr 2009|04:24pm]

lets just stop, drop everything. and forget each other's name.
and just walk away.
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[24 Dec 2007|11:45pm]
half way through junior year.
kind of sucks that my grades and sat scores in the next few months determine my whole fucking future.

and sad to say that i've accepted the fact that my ass is staying in florida.
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[01 Aug 2007|09:35pm]

this month i'll be starting junior year. every year i say i'm going to work hard and get good grades and i never really try. but this year is different because coming back from california i realized it really is my dream. i'm not going to be content just rotting the fuck out in south florida. i hate this place, i hate most of the people, and i cannot stand how fucking limited i am here.

that is venice beach. if i go to santa monica college, a community college i'll get to live there and claim california residency saving myself $40-50,000 to when i tranfser to a university. you don't have to believe in me. you don't have to agree with me. but watch me because no more than four months after i recieve my diploma i'll be on the other side of country, truly happy and hopefully never looking back.
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[12 Dec 2006|07:41pm]
i can't believe sophomore year is almost halfway over.

thats so fucking amazing.
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[10 Mar 2006|01:36am]
holy shit i got a sidekick II.
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